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DUI Lawyers -- Geneva, IL.The DUI lawyers at The Vergara Law Group have successfully handled Driving Under the Influence cases for years throughout the Chicagoland area. We aggressively defend our clients’ rights, protect their freedom and their driving privileges. Our attorneys are trained in Breathalyzer Defense and challenging Field Sobriety Tests. Our lawyers have a long history of favorable results in their Driving Under the Influence cases.

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Aggravated DUI: If you are convicted of a DUI that results in bodily harm to a minor under the age of 16, you will face an aggravated DUI. Other situations that will automatically result in an aggravated DUI charge include driving without a valid license or valid insurance, injuring someone while traveling through a school zone, or driving a school bus with at least one passenger under the age of 18. To avoid the seriousness of these charges, obtain the assistance of an experienced DUI defense attorney right away.

DUI Drugs: Illinois now allows some individuals to use medical marijuana provided that they are properly registered with the Illinois Department of Public Health and have appropriate medical authorization from a licensed physician. Drivers in Illinois are still prohibited from operating vehicles under the influence of marijuana or any other illegal drug. Drivers are also prohibited from transporting medical cannabis unless the drug is kept in a sealed container that is not accessible while operating the vehicle. Even drivers with proper authorization can still end up facing charges if their impairment has made it impossible to safely operate their vehicle. In these situations, failure or refusal to take a field sobriety test will result in automatic suspension of the person’s license.

DUI Resulting in Death: A DUI involving a death is classified as a Class 2 felony, which results in 3 to 14 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections and $25,000 in fines. Because these penalties are so severe, it is best to obtain the assistance of an experienced DUI lawyer who will review the facts of your case and determine the best possible defense strategy to raise.

DUI Resulting in Bodily Injury: If you are convicted of a DUI involving another vehicle or pedestrian that results in serious injury, it is considered to be a class 4 felony in the state of Illinois, which can result in drivers facing up to 10 years in jail, fines of up to $25,000, and the loss of driving privileges. Because these are mandatory sentences associated with the offense, it is impossible for courts to lower the resulting penalties. An experienced law firm can still help you raise a strong defense to respond to your DUI charges and potentially avoid facing any penalties at all.

1st Time DUI Offenders: While 1st time DUIs might be the result of a one-time mistake, there is still a risk that the judge in your case might convict you and sentence you with particularly serious penalties. To make sure that you either avoid penalties altogether or receive the lightest sentence possible, obtain the assistance of knowledgeable DUI attorneys at The Vergara Law Group today.

Multiple DUI Offenses: Unlike many other states, Illinois does not have a lookback period, which means that regardless of whether a person was charged with a previous DUI last year or decades ago, the previous offense will still count when the court determines how many DUIs a person has on his or her record. In many other states, DUIs fall off a person’s record after a certain period of time. Because previous DUI convictions have more serious ramifications in Illinois, it is best to quickly obtain the assistance of The Vergara Law Group after being charged with multiple DUIs.

Repeat and Felony DUI: 1st DUI convictions in Illinois are classified as Class A misdemeanors, but even these convictions might be classified as felonies if bodily harm was involved. 3rd DUI cases can be classified as Class II felonies which may result in prison time.

Zero Tolerance Law: Laws in the state of Illinois make it a criminal offense for any person under the age of 21 to have a blood alcohol content of anything above 0.00 with few recognized exceptions. Even a 1st DUI conviction for an underage driver will result in his or her license being suspended for an extended period of time. If an underage driver refuses to participate in a blood alcohol content test, the driver’s license will also be suspended for a period of at least 6 months. Any underage driver facing DUI charges should reach out to The Vergara Law Group.

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