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With shootings on the rise, law enforcement has become very aggressive in pursuing gun charges or other offenses involving the unlawful possession of firearms and/or ammunition.  Sometimes,  police aggressiveness can result in the violation of your rights.  At times, it can result in you being charged with a felony that, if convicted, would preclude you from ever possessing firearms again.

The Vergara Law Group has the experience, strategy, and legal insight to defend you against any and all offenses involving guns and firearms.  Our criminal defense attorneys in Geneva, IL. are committed to not only protecting your rights, but also defending your innocence.  If you are facing one of the following charges, contact the The Vergara Law Group immediately:

  • Aggravated Battery with a Firearm
  • Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon
  • Armed Robbery
  • Armed Habitual Criminal
  • Possession of a Stolen Weapon
  • Possession of a Weapon by a Felon
  • Possession of a Weapon/Ammunition without a FOID card
  • Possession of Explosive Bullet/Device
  • Reckless Conduct
  • Reckless Discharge of a Weapon
  • Unlawful Use of a Weapon

If you are facing firearms or weapons charges, hiring an experienced law firm is the best way to insure a positive outcome and avoid harsh penalties. The State of Illinois and the Federal Government ask for harsh sentences when prosecuting weapons cases. It takes both aggressive defense strategies and effective advocacy to properly represent you in court. No matter what guns or weapons crime you are facing, rest assured that The Vergara Law Group has the experience and skills required to handle your gun, firearm or weapons case.


Discharging a firearm at a person can be a split second decision which can have lifelong ramifications. Our office has successfully defended clients who acted in Self-Defense when they used a firearm or other weapon on an assailant. Our attorneys know the law regarding self-defense. If you believe you have a valid self-defense claim, then contact The Vergara Law Group today!

Generally, a person may only possess a firearm while on their own property with a valid FOID card and if the firearm(s) have been properly registered with the Illinois State Police. However, Illinois has recently passed concealed carry laws that make it legal under some circumstances for a person to carry a gun in public. These laws are very specific and are strictly enforced.  If you have been charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm and/or ammunition, call The Vergara Law Group today!  Our team is committed to defending your rights and helping you navigate through the legal process to achieve the best result possible.

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